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Jiu Jitsu for Women

"The place has the best group of friendly and talented female Jiu Jitsu students." - Amy, Redondo Beach

The Nino Schembri Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy is dedicated to providing Jiu-Jitsu classes for both women and men. Therefore, we have specialized jiu-jitsu classes for women to create a fun, friendly, and safe environment for women to practice jiu-jitsu while also improving health and fitness. Still deciding whether to train? Here are a few reasons you should train with us:


Above all else, we emphasize treating others with respect, courtesy, and dignity. Since our self defense classes for women involve training for real-life situations, we emphasize respect at all times to ensure a safe training environment for everyone.

Health and Fitness

Many of our female students have experienced better health and weight loss through their jiu-jitsu training. While focusing on improving your jiu-jitsu skills, you will naturally become stronger, healthier, and lose weight when complemented with a healthy diet. The more you train, you might also find yourself eating healthier so you can perform better in your next training session!


Studies have shown the way a female carries herself while walking can greatly determine whether she will deter would-be attackers. While training jiu-jitsu at the Nino Schembri Jiu Jitsu Academy, your confidence in your self-defense skills will naturally improve your overall state of mind throughout your daily life. In the worst case, you will have the tools and skills necessary to give you the best possible chance of a positive outcome.

Calm and Happiness

Jiu-jitsu requires remaining calm in the worst circumstances. Many of our female students have told us they have better control of situations in their daily lives due to the calmness developed through training jiu-jitsu, subsequently improving their overall levels of happiness. At our academy, we encourage staying calm and focused at all times while training. Also, the true masters are able to smile while training, which is good for the soul. In fact, even the simple act of smiling can increase happiness, and happy jiu-jitsu is better jiu-jitsu.


Another wonderful benefit of our Jiu Jitsu for Women program is the opportunity to create lasting friendships with other students. Unlike working out at a typical gym, you will interact with the same family of Nino Schembri students on a regular basis to improve your jiu jitsu skills. Whether you are more introverted or outgoing, you will constantly be training with other females and making friends. We constantly focus on ensuring every student has an enjoyable and memorable experience while interacting with the other classmates.


And finally, we strive to help each student gain a strong sense of perseverance to successfully overcome challenges which they will encounter throughout their lives. “A black belt is a white belt that never quit!”

Get started on your Jiu Jitsu for Women free trial today!

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