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Don’t Feel Guilty For Not “Challenging” Your More Experienced Teammates

By A Student | In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | on March 16, 2018

“Jiu-jitsu is as much of a team sport as it is an individual sport. The camaraderie we share on the mats is vital to our success when pursuing our personal goals, and we tend to realize this more and more as we accumulate time and experience in the sport. One thing that many newcomers struggle with, however, is a feeling of guilt, believing that they can’t help their more advanced teammates in the same way that higher belts guide and push them.

It’s an understandable feeling, especially as newer white belts get more comfortable rolling and drilling techniques, but understand that their more advanced partners are definitely going easy on them. Jiu-jitsu is a sport that requires you to give as much as you take, and when you feel like the purple belt you’re rolling with is doing all the giving while you’re doing all the taking, you can kind of feel like a charity case. But seriously, if you’re in that position, stop worrying so much. Every upper belt that’s helping you out was once in your place…”

Read the full article here.

Article Credit: Averi Clements for JiuJitsuTimes.com

Photo Credit: Issys Calderon Photography

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